16 May, 2012

Muslims and Beards

Keeping a beard is obligatory in Islam by consensus, and trimming the mustaches is one of the fitra.
Shaving the beard is haraam (forbidden) because of the saheeh ahaadeeth (authentic narrations from Prophet Muhammad) that clearly state this, and because of the general application of texts that forbid resembling the non-Muslims. One of these reports is the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Umar who said that the Messenger of God said: “Be different from the mushrikeen: let your beards grow and trim your moustaches.”
According to another report: Prophet Muhammad said, “Trim your moustaches and let your beards grow.”

In the Islamic tradition, God commanded Abraham to keep his beard, shorten his moustache, clip his nails, shave the hair around his genitals, and shave his armpit hair.

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