19 May, 2012


"Bluebeard" (FrenchLa Barbe bleue) is a French literary folktale written by Charles Perrault and published in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697. 
The tale tells the story of a violent nobleman in the habit of murdering his wives and the attempts of one wife to avoid the fate of her predecessors. Gilles de Rais, a 15th-century aristocrat and prolific serial killer, has been suggested as the source for the character of Bluebeard as has Conomor the Accursed, an early Breton king. 
"The White Dove", "Mister Fox" and "Fitcher's Bird" are tales similar to "Bluebeard". "Heer Halewijn", a medieval Dutch folk ballad, and a story found in Night 16 of The Arabian Nights, also share notable plot details with the Bluebeard tale.

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