05 May, 2012

Laban Pheidias

This pro skater/stunt guy extraordinaire/film-maker/director/actor/juggler and break-dancer can do just about everything, but says “one thing I don’t do is eat meat!”
Laban Pheidias has produced and starred in many skate films, worked on the show “Jackass”, directed music videos and even made a ­dark sketch comedy about skateboarding and “what not to do with a chainsaw”. Despite his hectic schedule of challenging gravity, challenging authority and challenging anything else that gets in his way, Laban is a vocal vegan and also challenges the idea of eating animals. “Meat is full of steroids, antibiotics, fat, and cholesterol; I don’t want to put that in my body! Farming animals is what is depleting our soil, choking our oceans, and burning our rain forests.”
Couldn't agree more! 

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