28 June, 2012


The Shetland Islands have a good and long tradition of bearded men (and for good reason!). What better insulation against the cold than naturally grown hair?

This man from Foula, Shetland, photographed in 1902 is thought to be Magnus Manson who was the former skipper of the mailboat.
Mr Manson has a full beard and moustache. On islands, as in many rural areas of Scotland, there were no barbers. Haircutting and beard trimming took place at home. Also, in rural areas, people were not so influenced by fashion. Around 1902, fashionable men in towns did not have facial hair. Mr Manson wears a striped cotton shirt with a 'grandad' collar and braces.

John Peterson of Foula, Shetland in 1902

John Peterson has a full beard and moustache. He wears his hair with a long fringe swept to the right. He is wearing a finely patterned hand-knitted jersey. He also wears a cotton jacket which would have been bought.

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