18 June, 2012


Rasputin varies being opponent and friend of Corto Maltese in Hugo Pratt's fantastic series of Corto Maltese graphic novels. 
Corto Maltese, a cult favorite in one of the best European graphic novels, is a veritable legend in twentieth century literature. He's a traveler – a sailor who combines Mediterranean looks with Anglo-Saxon culture. Corto, meaning “quick” in Spanish, was created in 1967 by Hugo Pratt, a native of Venice.Corto is an anti-hero who prefers his
freedom and imagination to wealth. He is a modern Ulysses who takes us traveling to some of the most fascinating places in the world.
Rasputin, a notorious lecher and drunkard, is Corto's dark Doppelganger and proclaims in Corto Maltese in Siberia: "It's hopeless to live in a world without adventure, without fantasy, without joy!" 

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