20 April, 2012


The fear of beards is known as Pogonophobia, and it can occur for many reasons. Some people fear beards because they feel hair on the face is unclean. Others are put off by the rugged look that beards give to men. Whatever the reason, this phobia can strike any gender or age group. 
Symptoms of fear of beards include revulsion, an ability to be around people who wear full beards, and issues with hygiene. Those with Pogonophobia may shun bearded people in the belief that they are unclean. They may also be put off by the religious beliefs that cause some men to adopt full beards and moustaches. 
Some people with this phobia report panic attack symptoms when they are exposed to beards. They will feel nauseous, lightheaded, and phsyically ill around people who sport beards.
Treatment for this phobia should include education about the reasons why men wear beards. Treatment may also include psychotherapy and anti-depressants. Sometimes, talking to a qualified mental health therapist can get at the root of the phobia and help to eradicate it.

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