23 July, 2012

The male beard as proof of God

From Bjørn Østman's blog

Why are men's beards so perfectly shaped? Most men have beard growing only in very defined areas on the face. It doesn't go all the way up to the ears, but instead there is an narrow area around the ear that's beard free. Below the eyes and down to the center of the cheeks there is no beard, and in two little patches below the mouth there isn't any either. Also nothing on the nose, forehead, or temples. Check out the pictures below.

What I truly don't understand is why the creationists haven't latched on to this curious fact of the shape of the male beard. It's the ultimate God of the gaps argument: The male beard is so perfectly shaped and so obviously designed that the Darwinists will never find a way to explain it. For what could possible be the advantage of having beard where men do, but not in those other areas? It's clearly cleverly designed to make men look as stunning as they do.

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